What is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner?

Someone who has been trained in holistic nutrition and wellness as recognized by the Nutritional Therapy Association. NTP's support the health of their clients through holistic nutrition and lifestyle strategies by supporting the following health foundations and factors: diet, digestion, blood sugar regulation, fatty acids, mineral balance, hydration, and sleep, stress, and movement.

My Philosophy:

To support clients by having them take responsibility for their own health. With my guidance, they can learn which choices will serve them best. This is done one-on-one either virtually or in-person in Wilmington, North Carolina.


Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. Associate of Science degree in Natural Health with training in ayurveda, aromatherapy, herbology, and reflexology.

My Brief Story:

My desire to help people started because of my own health journey. Western medicine didn't provide solutions to my health issues. I struggled on my own for a while before finding functional medicine. Functional medicine has helped me tremendously, but I still wasn't feeling as great as I wanted or KNEW I could. I turned to the Nutritional Therapy Association not only for my own personal health, but because I wanted to help people avoid what I went through. I don't want people suffering for years before they find answers!

Kind Words From Clients:

~Kristin R

"I am so thankful I had the opportunity to work with Katie! She helped me understand the importance of balanced nutrition and activity, and how it affects my energy level, sleep, and overall well-being. My energy is up and sleep is better. One of my favorite parts of working with Katie is her practical steps and tips she recommends. She is also very thorough and caring. Thank you, Katie!!"

~Zoe D

“I have experienced great results working with Katie on my gut health and overall nutrition. She takes time to review and assess goals, revamping them thoughtfully as needed. She has interesting options for improving nutrition to address goals without focusing on supplements only. She thinks outside the box and has provided me with education on my eating habits and the food that I put in my body. I feel that she can provide valuable information to anyone looking to improve their health and increase awareness of what they eat in a healthy, caring manner. I would recommend her to anyone!”

~Arielle G

"I have struggled with stomach issues my entire life and after just two months on Katie's program, I'm finally experiencing major improvement. In the past I have tried every possible thing with no results, so it's an absolute miracle that she was able to find a solution that worked. I love how she takes the time to get to know you and develop a plan specifically for your needs. It's obvious that Katie really cares about her clients AND knows what she's talking about. I would absolutely recommend."

~Maria W

"I have more energy, am better at managing stress, and fewer digestive issues. I'm able to enjoy my time with my family and things I love to do without my low energy or digestive issues getting in the way. I was afraid I would have to completely overhaul my diet and give up things I love. Katie has made all of the changes feel completely doable. She's also very understanding and not judgmental if you get off track."

Ready to take the next step?

During this FREE 20-minute discovery call, we'll go over the biggest health issues you've been facing, how it's impacting your life, and what your life could look like after working with me. We'll discuss two program options and next steps. (Virtual appointments available)

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Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed. One should always consult a qualified medical professional before engaging in any dietary and/or lifestyle change. Coastal Nutrition Solutions is not licensed by any governmental body and does not provide "Medical Nutrition Therapy."

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